Basic Information

The First Czech Grammar School in Karlovy Vary, Narodni 25

School headmaster:

RNDr. Zdeněk Papež
tel:+20 353 50 11 29,e-mail:papez@gymkvary.cz

School address:

První české gymnázium
Národní 25
360 20 Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic


phone number: +420 353 50 11 11 , fax:: +420 353 50 11 16
e-mail: skola@gymkvary.cz, URL: http//www.gymkvary.cz
Length of studies: 8 years and 4 years
Number of classes: 25, number of students: 700

From the school history

In 1924 on the principle of the government decree it was decided to build a Czech grammar school besides the older German one in Karlovy Vary. The school was originally settled in the quarter Rybáře, where it was re-established again after the 2nd world war. In following years the school was used to change its name as well as its buildings. It has had its permanent address in the quarter Karlovy Vary- Drahovice since 1961.
There were already 12 schoolmasters of this school. On the present the school is lead
by RNDr. Zdeněk Papež .Since 1931 up to now more than 6,000 graduates from almost 200 classes left the school. The school was granted its name The First Czech Grammar School from the Ministry of Education in 1995.

Graduate´s Profile

The educational system of our school is general, it prepares its graduates for further education, mainly for university studies at local or foreign countries. The scope of such general education allows students to choose any other branch of studies later. Each of our graduates can speak at least two foreign languages and is computer- literate. The student is able to look for specific information , to elaborate it and is used to work in teams. The student has a wide range of cultural insight and can take his / her bearings in the surrounding world.

International activities

Our grammar school upholds active relations with schools in Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Italy and lately Norway. Relations with Britain are developing. The contacts are in progress on the level of international projects. The realization of international projects are supported by some international institutional grants ( eg: Phare, Robert Bosch Foundation, Amavet, Czech- German Future Fund, the town of Karlovy Vary etc.).The cooperation with the town of Karlovy Vary is benefitial, for example in the school´s participation in projects with Karlovy Vary partner towns Baden Baden, Bernkastl Kues. European Union projects are getting more and more important. Our school repeatedly takes part in them ( eg. European Class – our school took part in twice).
We are aware of the fact that only the youth with no prejudices, the youth that can get into contacts with surrounding world, and compare, is able to build up united Europe.

Prvni ceske gymnazium, Narodní 25, 360 20 Karlovy Vary tel: +420 353 501 111, fax: +420 353 501 116, e-mail: skola@gymkvary.cz